Dennis Myers is no stranger to purple, loves to work with color and trends toward a more contemporary aesthetic with regards to interior design. Since graduating with a BFA in Interior Design from the University of Kansas, Dennis has worked as a designer in residential, retail, and commercial design with projects ranging from real estate staging and re-model to complete design from top to bottom in new construction.

Dennis has worked on a multitude of projects in his native Kansas City area but as clients have moved, they’ve taken him with them resulting in finished projects in Saint Mary’s Island, GA, San Antonio, TX, Council Bluffs, IA, Bahamas, Fort Worth, TX, Tulsa, OK and Manhattan, KS. He’s designed apartments, condos, vacation homes, room additions as well as commercial environments.

Dennis has a vast array of resources with whom he’s built relationship across the years, which provide a wonderful range of furniture, fixtures, and accessories.

He’s coordinated design seminars for trade designers, trained new designers and sales teams on product inventories and design innovation, and fostered relationships with custom furniture, rug and accessory manufacturers in order to offer one-of-a-kind designs for his clients.

Creative Statement

Design can be the process by which an individual, couple, and/or family finds a common thread in their environment, then taking this thread and weaving it into a cocoon/home for their visual pleasure and living comfort. This thread is the beginning of transforming an ordinary space into a special place in which to create memories that will last their lifetimes.

Listening to my clients’ needs, their ideas, and being the voice that interprets what they ultimately want by explaining what works and what doesn’t is the role that I am comfortable playing.

Color is one of the most important parts of design. It can make a drab room fun and bright. While most clients are afraid of color, I make sure to explain what color can do for a room and how it reflects in their life. For instance, how shades of green can add to the fresh and serene atmosphere of a room, where hues of red can add a hot spark! Purple is my new black! It can be used as a neutral or it can also make a great accent.

I love to create harmonious spaces through collaboration of thoughts and ideas with my clients, utilizing my knowledge of design and my experience with texture and color. By using color one we can change the mood of a room and the feeling you get while enjoying that space. My goal as a designer is to bring joy, happiness and peace to my clients through beauty.